Oil condition monitoring


Did you know the small ( <10 micron) dirt particles are the biggest killer of hydraulic equipment??

Oil condition monitoring of machinery and lubricants is fast becoming the established method of predicting and avoiding impending machinery breakdown. Lost production and expensive capital equipment replacement are major costs associated with any catastrophic failure of machinery, the prevention of which is crucial for optimal operational performance. 

DEWTEC offers a oil condition monitoring service for all types of hydraulic and lubrication oils, we can tell you how dirty it is and what’s in it as well as recommending ways to fix the problem and save you money in the long term. 

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Use Parker Store's portable Laser CM20 Contamination Monitor.

Our customers can not only keep their hydraulic systems clean with effective filtration but can determine just how dirty the system was in the first place.

We have Parker's portable contamination monitoring technology that measures both size and concentration of particles in oils and lubricants.

With a typical test taking only two minutes, the Laser CM20 is ideal for use as your fluid contamination monitoring instrument.


  • Routine contamination monitoring of oil systems saving time and money
  • Contamination monitoring is now possible while machinery is working - saves on production down time.
  • Instant, accurate results available in hard copy form.  Means system maintenance decisions can be made immediately
  • The Laser CM20 ensures that machinery hydraulic systems are tested to ISO cleanliness standards
  • Data entry allows individual equipment test log details to be recorded.
  • An internal diagnostic feature ensures the Laser CM20 will always work accurately and reliably.

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