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Power pack build

Power packs from .5 to 200KW, custom designed and built by Dewtec.  We specialize in the manufacture of standard as well as custom built hydraulic power packs. Utmost care is taken during in house construction to ensure that Quality Standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Our range of hydraulic power packs includes units with electric, petrol or diesel drives, gear vane or piston pumps. Tanks can be steel, stainless steel, alloy or plastic to suit your individual requirements.

 Dewtec also specialises in the remanufacturing and repair of existing power units, we can upgrade the control or valve systems to the latest specifications 

For More Info Call 0800 DEWTEC (339832) or email sales@dewtec.co.nz

Cylinder assembly and rebuild

Our specialised cylinder assembly bench means we can handle cylinders from 25mm to 300mm bore.
Dewtec has over 25 years experience in the manufacture and rebuilding of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for all sorts of industries, we carry a large range of seals and parts in stock to supply a fast turn around and a quality job that is pressure tested before delivery to ensure you don’t have an issue. Both standard and custom designed cylinders are available. 

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Rebuilds
  • Re-chroming
  • Honing
  • Testing 

For More Info Call 0800 DEWTEC (339832) or email sales@dewtec.co.nz

Oil condition monitoring

Did you know the small ( <10 micron) dirt particles are the biggest killer of hydraulic equipment??

Oil condition monitoring of machinery and lubricants is fast becoming the established method of predicting and avoiding impending machinery breakdown. Lost production and expensive capital equipment replacement are major costs associated with any catastrophic failure of machinery, the prevention of which is crucial for optimal operational performance. 

DEWTEC offers a oil condition monitoring service for all types of hydraulic and lubrication oils, we can tell you how dirty it is and what’s in it as well as recommending ways to fix the problem and save you money in the long term. 

Call now before it becomes a problem,  Call 0800 DEWTEC(339832) or email sales@dewtec.co.nz 


Our in house or on-site testing facilities are second to none, with the latest digital flow meter technology we can test up to 300lpm and 420bar.

We can test for leaks, bypass, pressure & flow, conductivity etc on components such as…

  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Cylinders
  • Power packs
  • Hose and fitting assemblies
  • Pipes etc 

 For More Info Call 0800 DEWTEC(339832) or email sales@dewtec.co.nz

Hydraulic circuit design

Hydraulic system design by expert hydraulic fluid power engineers, with over 25 years in the fluid power industry we can provide the experience required in the most complex fluid power designs. For a system to achieve a high level of performance and reliability, careful analysis of the application's unique variables must be undertaken at the design stage.

DEWTEC offers a full design service using the latest cad systems for systems and custom built hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

For the full package, design, supply installation and commissioning call DEWTEC 
Call 0800 DEWTEC(339832) or email sales@dewtec.co.nz 

Preventative Maintenance programs

Preventive maintenance of a hydraulic system plays a vital role to eliminate most problems related to hydraulic components failure. Preventive maintenance programs should be considered as a performance oriented program and it is the basic support that any hydraulically operated system or machine must have so that the component's life is maximized and the system's failure is reduced, DEWTEC has the expertise and experience to help you put systems in place or carry out the program for you.

We do PMP programs for

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems 
  • Oil Filtration
  • Access equipment
  • Truck mounted cranes 

If you want your equipment to operate at its full potential and life cycle call DEWTEC. 
Call 0800 DEWTEC(339832) or email sales@dewtec.co.nz 

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